A group of superhumans who have been worshiped by the races in the Archaiverse back in the ancient times. Now, only a few still worship them.

The thing is, the pantheon members actually exist. Although they may be deity-like, they're not really deities in terms of world creation and such.

Pantheon Members Edit

Zaire the Flaming General (Deity of Fire) (Depicted as...dunno yet) (Class: Red Knight)

Cthzeo the Shadow Emperor (Deity of Darkness) (Depicted as a red-eyed draconian wearing armor) (Class: ???)

Abtum the Wise (Deity of Water) (Depicted as a kind, elderly man) (Class: Anima Sage [Water])

​Renzo & Reiko, [titles unknown] (Deities of Wind & Electric) (Depicted as two teenagers who wears the same gloves, shoes and possibly accessories if they wear any. Their clothes are different though) (Class: Anima Mage [Wind] and Anima Mage [Electric])

Adel the Shining Justice (Deity of Light) (Depicted as...unknown for now) (Class: Paladin)

Samuya the Nature Guardian (Deity of Nature) (< Also doubles as Grass/Earth--so she's basically a Deity of Grass and Earth) (Class: ???)

​??? (Deity of ???) (Class: ???)