The timeline of Antiga. This will include important events, birthdates of nobility, rise and fall of kingdoms, etc.

PRW - Pre-Wesleron , PTW - Post-Wesleron


A VERY VERY LONG TIME AGO, AFTER THE CREATION OF THE ARCHAIVERSE AND POSSIBLY OTHER PLANETS - Some sort of big bang happens, creating the Archaiverse along with the galaxies and the planets within those galaxies. Antiga was one of those planets. The planets happened to contain magic as well.

STILL LONG AGO, AFTER ANTIGA HAS BEEN FORMED - Antiga was initially too hot to live on. However, as time passed, the planet cooled down, allowing life to flourish.

SOME TIME AFTER LIFE FLOURISHES ON ANTIGA - Lifeforms on Antiga start to grow and develop further. Eventually, many lifeforms would slowly start to evolve into the races we know today in Antiga but one lifeform evolved earlier and a bit quicker to be the Anderthains. The Anderthains grew to become more powerful, more magical, and living longer lives.

SOME TIME AFTER THE ANDERTHAINS CAME TO BE - Life on Antiga continued to grow. Civilizations were created, societies formed. The Anderthains improved their quality of life as well as the state of the world by researching and making advancements in technology and magic. It took a long while, but space travel was eventually discovered.


1123 PTW - The Hundred-Years War begins

1223 PTW - The Hundred-Years War ends. Estrait is forced to release their grip on the land they have captured.