Traveling entertainers/performers who sing songs, usually those that tell a story, in order to entertain people and make them interested. Bards can perform

Usable Weapons: Instruments (Lutes, Flutes, Harps) and Swords (Shortswords)

Armor Types: Light

Movement: 5

Promotes to Edit




Base Stats Edit

HP: 16 (Stat Growth: 40%)

STR: 4 (Stat Growth: 40%)

DEF: 3 (Stat Growth: 30%)

MAG: 4 (Stat Growth: 45%)

M-DEF: 3 (Stat Growth: 35%)

SPD: 5 (Stat Growth: 50%)

SKL: 4 (Stat Growth: 60%)

LCK: 2 (Stat Growth: 55%)

CON: 6

Stat Spread: 25

Max Stats Edit

HP: 40

STR: 20

DEF: 18

MAG: 21

M-DEF: 19

SPD: 25

SKL: 27

LCK: 30

CON: 20

Stat Spread: 160

Innate Class Skill Edit

Bard Songs (User has access to a skill menu: "Bard Songs")

Class Skills Edit


LVL 5 - ???

LVL 10 - Song and Dance (The effectiveness of Bard Songs are increased for a turn if this unit was refreshed by a Dancer or a Kali.)


LVL 7 - ???

Bard Songs Edit

Bards buff their allies by singing songs while playing their instruments, usually telling some sort of story or describing a legend/myth. Bards permanently know up to 5 songs, the rest either being tied to equipping certain instruments or are permanently known upon promotion.

LVL 1 - Song of Motivation (+2 SPD for a turn) (Range 4x4 around the user)

LVL 3 - Renewed Strength (+2 STR/MAG for a turn) (Range: 5x5 around the user)

LVL 6 - Tale of the Rabbit and the Fox (+4 SPD for a turn) (Range: 5x5 around the user)

LVL 9 - Ode to the Defenders (+3 DEF/M-DEF for a turn) (Range: 5x5 around the user)

LVL 12 - Cthzeo the Loser (Range: 6x6 around the user)