• TmoChramna

    hellocome to the brog post

    November 15, 2017 by TmoChramna

    this is the first blog post in a while so i better make it special



    ik amazing blorg porst

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  • Randy295

    Swordsman Represent

    July 19, 2017 by Randy295

    Swords are good.

    Swordsmen are good because they use swords and have "Swords" in their name.

    guud class.

    fite me if you disagree

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  • TmoChramna

    it's challengin work, outta doors. guarantee you'll not go angry.

    cause at the end of the day, long as theres...

    ...okay i'm too lazy to type all of the script to meet the sniper

    so i'll just discuss stuff instead

    so did you know that cheese is made of cheese

    i know, right?!

    yeah i'm kinda bored most of the time and i cant think of stuff

    randy please keep the cowboy class i want to be a good

    okay bai

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  • BroqueMonsieur

    Can you imagine a world where we're all represented by a font? Huh, I wonder which one I would be? sees Arial Too straight. No! Not in that way! Just, straight, as in unexciting. sees Badaboom Too.. uh... Deadpool.... BROADWAY! Now that's the one! Now THAT'S the one! Hello Internet, welcome to GAME THEORY, where instead of putting a joke here I want to ask you a question. If your personality were represented by a font, what font would you be? Take a moment and put your font in the comments. I'm really curious to see what everyone has to say. Maybe find a couple new cool fonts to use. I'm getting bored with ol' Calibri 11. And with that out of the way, it's time to talk UNDERTALE. Now I don't think I've ever gotten this many requests to cov…

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  • TmoChramna

    did you know that a star is made of stuff

    i know, cool right?

    anyways you're probably expecting me to talk about important stuff

    but thats not gonna happen

    because i'm a tomato

    thomas the tomato

    they should add that character to cleaning simulator

    i think he'd be great friends with paul the potato

    anyways this blog post is getting pretty long so i'll stop it here okay bye now

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  • Super Sky Scout


    July 3, 2017 by Super Sky Scout

    tOP OF DA MOURNING TO YO LARDS FAM SUDUIACAJIISDIulfgdfbhguydfiohgiudfhgdfhgid

    anyway forget to grind all day areyday fam 



    god i want to die after typing this pile of shit

    we're not going to use these seriously, are we?

    -mar 1965, currently regretting not shooting hitler.

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  • Super Sky Scout

    whoa faaaam squziidty squaad

    gametheory is bullshit still

    go play comsos quest its good shit

    homestucks cool too i guess

    hacknet as well is a good game

    go do 


    -mar 1955

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