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Alice Matter, Ayden, Ascella, Alex, Adam, Alien Invasion Event, Accursed Tower, Alyss, Antiga Items & Weapons Database Hub, Archaiverse Pantheon, Antiga, Antiga Timeline, Athánatoi, Archmage, Archer, Antiga Equipment (Part 1)

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Build and RP (game), Blake, Blaise, BroqueMonsieur, Brickle, Behemoth's Den/Volcanic Grotto, Burning Dwarf Prince, Bard, Bowman, Buccaneer, B&RPverse Items & Weapons Database Hub, Brief Overview (Base Classes)

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Character List, Celeste, Celeste's house, CSEC, Cordor, Cultural Advisor, Castle Entrance, Castle Sewers, Cult Deities (Archaiverse), Celris Cymm, Cabalist

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D3f4ult, Dominic, Dominic's Group, Dragons: Body Styles, Dragon Mage, Duelist, Dancer, Doll Maker

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Encyclopedia, Entech, Economic Advisor, Element Lists, Equipment List, Elementalist

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Frank, F3X, Ferocious Pantheon (Divinities), Fire Mage, Floating Eye, Fletcher

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Grand Library, Grand Library Dialogue, Gem Humans, Gunner, Greater Water Elemental, Gladiator

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Heather, Harmony, Hannah, Hunter, Humans (Antiga), Hellhound, Hatcheteer

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Irene, Indigo 2, Item Database, Item Database (PAGE 2), Item Database (B&RPVerse, Page 1), Item Database (B&RPVerse, Page 2), Antiga Items [Part 1], Ice Hound, Ice Mage, Infantry

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Jennifer, Jester, Jouster, Journeyman, Justicar

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Known Human Characters, Known Outpost Advisors, Known Nonhuman Characters

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Lukas, Liliac, Lorene, Lovetide Hideout/Indigo Cavern, Lair of Maulhead, Lesser Water Elemental, Longswordsman

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Main Page, Miya, Mineko, Military Advisor, Material Database (Drakenia, Page 1), Mage, Marksman, Merchant, Monster "Weapons" (Part 1)

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New Build and RP Wiki, Noir, Naix, Nichole, Nuclear Mage, Necromancer, Ninja, Noxmire Swampland, Nomad, Not The 150th Page, Nightblade

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Oliver, Outpost Army, Orelementalist

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Pandora, Phantom ???'s Castle, Port Prisma, Portal System, Pidgo, Pegasus Rider

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Randy295, Randy295's Class List, Residential Advisor, Rena, R3DR@NGER, Rachel, Rave DJ, RT, Races, Red T. Everett, Red Knight, Reaver, Raider (Enemy), Raider (Playable), Ranger, Royal Jester, Revenant

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Status Effects, Shoeitchy, Setchi, Scientific Advisor, Sub-Advisors, Sawyer, Solanitus, Ships, Special Bosses, Swordsman, Slammer, Sniper, Samurai, Sentinel, Soldier, Squire

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The Ventureverse, The Archaiverse, The B&RPverse, The Mechaverse, The B&RP Pantheon, Tiers and Research, The Outpost, Tessa, Trystan, Terros' Canyon, Tamable List, The Apocrytta, The Cymm, The Hundred-Years War, Thunder Hound

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U1 Randy

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Vernal, Volt Mage, Viking, Void Knight

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Wiki Portal, Weapon Database (Regular, Page 1), Weapon Database (Regular, Page 2), Weapon Database (Drakenia, Page 1), Weapon Database (Greatweapon, Page 1), Wesleron, Drakenia, and Southern Continent (Antiga), Wyvern Rider, Wastelands, White Mage

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Yung Venuz, Yuki, Yung Cuz, Young Mario

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