A group of supreme beings worshiped by [unrevealed groups] in the B&RPverse.

They may be called by ferocity of (element/place), their actual name, or divinity of (group).

Divinities/Ferocities Edit

Good divinities: Edit

(Minor Divinity) <Burning Traveler Divinity> Sumukha Agni Edit

Neutral divinities: Edit

<Desert Dragon Divinity> Zakadan Edit

Chaotic (literally), "against everyone" divinity: Edit

<Personification of Chaos> Azaleth Ystzal Edit


Old Divinities/Ferocities Edit

Old divinities/ferocities are divinities/ferocities from the past which have been sealed/killed/consumed by today's ferocities or greater evils.

To be revealed.