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Study Room 2 Edit

With the Scroll Crafter [First time] Edit

Mage: Hmm? Ah, welcome! This used to be a study room but I've converted it to a scroll-crafting place! Need me to craft any scrolls or something?

Dominic: Scroll..crafting?

Mage: Scroll crafting is a skill where you take ingredients like elemental essences for example and use your magic to create a scroll containing a spell that could be useful to you.

Dominic: I see. I'm just an adventurer exploring this castle so perhaps a few spells that you know you can craft scrolls of can help me on my journey.

Mage: Ah, well I can craft scrolls of projectile spells such as Fireball and Ice Bolt as well as scrolls of other spells such as Reverse Possession, Heal and many more.

Dominic: Great! So do I need to pay you or anything?

Mage: No. If you want a certain scroll, you will need to get some ingredients for me so I can craft it.

Dominic: Sounds fine to me, what is your name?

Scroll Crafter: I don't really remember but you can call me the "Scroll Crafter" for obvious reasons.

Dominic: Very well. Lets see what kind of scroll I would want...

[After you say "Goodbye"]

Scroll Crafter: Come again soon, friend!

With the Scroll Crafter [Second time] Edit

Scroll Crafter: Hello again! Any scroll you need to be crafted?

[After you say "Goodbye"]

Scroll Crafter: Come again soon, friend!

Study Room 1 Edit

With the Maid Edit

Dominic goes up to the maid. He feels unnerved considering she looks similar to Mineko--same hair color and hairstyle [her hair being tied up into pigtails]. Although there was no bow so he couldn't tell if she was actually Mineko or not.

Dominic being Dominic, he tries to strike up a conversation with her.

Dominic: Huh, fancy seeing a servant in a place like this. You're uh, off duty right?

The maid puts down her book and looks at Dominic blankly.

???: Yes. Why do you ask?

Dominic:....curiosity? I mean when I see butlers and maids, they tend to be working their butts off all the time without taking any breaks in between...

Dominic: Anyways, what are you erm...reading?

???: This? Oh, this book is about how to be a better servant to someone since my skills are apparently lacking compared to the other servants. I want to please the owner of this castle, Lord Phantom ???.

Dominic: [Mind: Of course. That jackass...]

???: Ah, I-I have been reading this book for too long! I must go. Farewell, stranger.

The maid gets up and bows before grabbing the book and leaves, heading off to the western section.

Dominic: No, wait--ah forget it, she's already gone. I was about to ask her two burning questions...

Dominic: What is your name and why do you look like someone I know..?

With the Beginner Mage Edit

Dominic notices a little kid--a beginner mage--sweating nervously as he looks over

Dominic: Hey, kid, you need help? You look nervous...and you're sweating a lot.

Beginner Mage: What? No, I don't need help!

Beginner Mage:.....

Beginner Mage:....Yes, I do need help.....

Dominic: With what?

Beginner Mage: Well....I was writing on blank pieces of paper about the elements as well as their strengths and weaknesses. I'm doing this because I have to present what information I have gathered about the elements to my entire class as well as my teacher so she can know if I'm worthy of being a mage or not!

Beginner Mage: The problem is that I'm missing a page about one of the elements! I can't seem to find it in this room so you got to help me, please mister?

The little mage gives Dominic the puppy-dog eyes.

Dominic: Well, a hero will always help people in I'll help you out!

Beginner Mage: Great! Thanks, mister! The element I covered in that missing page is of the Earth element so I'm not sure where you can find it. Maybe it's scattered all around the library?

Dominic: [Mind: This is going to be a lot of work but it will pay off in the end...]

Dominic: I won't let you down. I can assure that.

Dominic: [Mind: Now where can I start...?]

With the Beginner Mage [Missing Page recovered] Edit

With the Broque Edit


Broque: Ah. Yes, monsieur?