A murky swamp, home to dangerous, toxic monsters such as Noxious Wyverns. The air is rotten, toxic, poisonous due to a monster living in the depths of the swamp. Not much is to be said about this area, other than mentioning the monsters roaming around, below:

The Swampland's Monsters Edit

Name Description Base Stats & Growths Drops
Noxious Wyvern Noxious Wyverns are green wyverns which harness the power of poison. They are followed by it, and are able to spit it. They like to hide in the pools of poisonous green water and release their poison when someone gets near, flying to another pool after doing so.


Noxwing Scale x1-4, Noxifangs x1-2 (55% chance)
Rotbreath Wyvern Rotbreath Wyverns are undead wyverns which are said to be plague spreaders.

They are also called by another name: Gravelurker, because they live in inhospitable areas, such as the Necrotic Badlands. Their powers include a rotting breath which can melt through armor, and a dive bomb of contagious poison.

Rotscale x1-3, Rotting Teeth x2 (55% chance)
Plaguetail Scorpiogon Plaguetail Scorpiogons are black scorpion dragons with a dangerous venom-injecting stinger which packs quite the punch.

They are also able to spit poisonous globs which slows the enemy down.

Plaguefilled Sting x1 (15% chance), Blackplague Chitin x1-4

The Swampland's Tamable Edit

Name 'Description'(Bestiary Info) Stats
<Swampland's Poison> Azalameth Tier: Heroic

Sub-tier: III

Species: Hydraco

The creatures of the Noxmire Swampland are toxic, but you haven't seen the source of its rotten, toxic air. 

The beast is called Azalameth.  

Luring it out is easier said than done, though I have found another way. Slay its inferiors for ingredients, then head to the Endureum Hive for information.