The Orelementalist is Pedralumit's personal class.

It is basically the opposite of Alyss' personal class, Storm Mage, except its more open and doesn't have as many forms of debuffing. Most of the time, its moves deal raw damage and a stun.

Element: Earth.

Promotions Edit

soon (B&RPverse only?)

Base Stats Edit

HP: 13 (Growth - 60%)

STR: 4 (Growth - 75%)

DEF: 3 (Growth - 40%)

MAG: 3 (Growth - 55%)

M-DEF: 4 (Growth - 40%)

SPD: 5 (Growth: 45%)

SKL: 6 (Growth: 40%)

LCK: 9 (Growth: 35%)

Skills Edit

Rock Arrows: Sends 3 rock arrows forward, dealing low magic earth damage to up to 3 enemies, or heavy to one enemy. (Active, Start)

Earth Spikes: Pedralumit presses her staff against the ground, followed by punching it with one of her cestuses.

A wave of stalagmites will hit the enemies, dealing aoe medium magic rock damage to one line.

(Active, Level 3)

Resistance Break - Earth: Fires a rock spike at an enemy.

Increases the enemy's Earth DMG received by 3 for 2 turns.

2 turn CD after the debuff is over.

(Active, Level 4)

more attacks will be revealed soon