The Outpost has several ranks in their army (controlled by the Military Advisor), dictating power and weaponry

There are seveal groups, including light, medium and heavy class. They're for said difficulty of problem, and if one troop fails, the class may be brought up.

Rank 1 : Bodyguard [Light Class]

The weakest troop, Usually sent in for scouting missions or to protect diplomats.

Weapons include light assault and pistol weaponry

Rank 2 : Officer [Medium Class]

A good unit for small-scale wars and crimes. Usually used to resolve homeland security issues.

Weapons include assault weaponry.

Rank 3 : Shield [Heavy Class]

A heavy unit for dealing with war crimes and riots

Weapons include a form of riot shield and heavy assault

Rank 4 : Hidden [Heavy Class]

A stealth-class unit for taking out people of interest quietly.

Weapons include silenced pistols and light assault [if needed]

Rank 5 : Offensive [Extreme Class]

A heavy beam-focused class for taking out armies of people.

Weapons include heavy assault, artillery, and beam weapons]

Rank 6 : Defensive [Extreme Class]

A heavy shield-based class using state-of-the-art defensive technology

Weapons include heavy assault, beam, and shield weapons.

Rank 7 : Calamity [Extreme Class]

A extremely powerful but rare class for taking out entire countries

Only a few exist, and they use heavy beam weapons and Alice Matter-based weaponry

Rank 8

The Military Advisor himself.