A universe where the events of Pokemon Brick Bronze happen differently compared to the Main Brickbronze verse.

Three races thrive in the region of Roria and likely, other regions as well:

Pokemon, Gijinka, and Humans.

Pokemon are generally less intelligent but more stronger than their counterpart, the Gijinkas. They also rely on their instincts. However, there are pokemon that have human-intelligence and can speak well. As a result, they're not seen as pets.

Gijinkas are generally more intelligent and adaptable but less stronger than their counterpart. There are gijinkas who have animal-like intelligence and relies on their instincts.

Humans are like Gijinkas except they don't have any cool powers and they're usually frail. They make it up by being VERY adaptable and being very intelligent. Many humans take up roles of tacticians/strategists and "trainers" [more to be explained.]