A large castle that is home to the oldest Phantom alive, Phantom ???.

Every 100 years or so, the castle will rise and either a hero or a group of heroes will go out and kill the owner of this castle which will trigger its collapse.

Unfortunately, Phantom ??? doesn't stay dead for good since whenever his castle appears, he will be revived.

First Floor Edit

[Castle Entrance] Edit

[Grand Library] Edit

[Ritual Chambers] Edit

[Castle Sewers] Edit

[Magic Labyrinth] Edit

[Left Wing] Edit

Transition to Grand Library

Break Room

Left Wing - Empty Hall

Guest Room Hallway [Guest Rooms which can be empty or not empty as well as a Broque Shop can be found here]

Servant's Quarters

Dining Room

Left Wing - Western Hall

Left Wing Outer Walls

[Right Wing] Edit

Transition to Ritual Chambers

Break Room

Right Wing Hallway

[Some kind of armory will be located here]

Second Floor Edit

Some major areas here.

[Final Area] Edit

Fancy Hallway

Throne Room

Other Things Edit

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