The Primeval Jungle is a dense forest with countless trees, hiding spots, and nature located in the Center Part of Drakenia.

This jungle houses a variety of creatures, but not in power - in looks. Most creatures in this jungle are able to poison their foes.

At the center, you will find the Endureum Hive, home to many monsters who harness the power of Endureum - one of the most durable, tough, hard - materials in the Archaiverse.

Jungle Monsters Edit

Monsters roaming outside Edit

Name Description Stats Drops
Verdant Venomtail Raptor Green raptors with barbed tails. Some say they are undeveloped Speartail Wyverns. TBA Poisonous Barb (100%, 1), Green Scale (80%, 1-4), Purptooth (1-2, 70%)
Vicious Speartail Wyvern Green wyverns with long, barbed tails which look like spears. A controversy exists about them being developed Verdant Venomtail Raptors. TBA Poisonous Barb (65% 1-3), Green Scale (80%, 1-4), Verdant Shell (65%, 1-3), Purptooth (1-2, 65%)
Leafscale Pseuvern Pseudo-wyverns with scales that look like leaves. These pseuverns are adept at stalking prey. TBA Green Scale (65%, 1-3),
Poisoncut Draco Dark green dracos with really small wings. They only have one claw on each hand, and those are super long and purple; indicating that they are actually a poisonous barb used for puncturing. TBA Green Scale (2-6), Poisonous Piercer (50%)
Shroomback Stalwart Drake A drake with mushrooms growing on its back. These mushrooms produce a tranquilizing aroma which makes small predators - Pseuverns and Raptors - pacified, while not affecting Dracos. TBA Verdant Shell (65%, 1-4), Tranquilfungus (60%, 1-3)
Lotus Verde (Green Lotus) A green lindwyrm with a special frill. Like most of the other creatures in the jungle, it has a way to poison enemies; or more? TBA whywouldyouevenkillthistamable

Monsters inside/protecting the ruins Edit

The Ruins

Stone towers, tombs, and more.

These ruins, obviously, are covered with moss and creepy critters - spiders, rats.

Name Description Stats Drops

What each monster looks like, respectively. Edit

Vicious Speartail Wyvern

Male Vicious Speartail Wyvern

Female Vicious Speartail Wyvern

Verdant Venomtail Raptor (Left: Male; Right: Female.)

Vicious Speartail Wyvern F
Verdant Venomtail Raptor (M and F)