This page will explain the different types and difficulties of quests.


Quest Types Edit

Main Quests: These are quests which will explain lore to you and are required to progress in the storyline.

Side Quests: These quests are optional, granting you items and EXP. They take you to places unrelated to the storyline. If you do them, you will be a little stronger (higher leveled) than those who only do main quests.

Repeatable/Daily Quests: Repeatable quests are put on a bounty board daily by the same person. They generally reward you with items you need ALOT of, but way less EXP. Most of them aren't too complex to complete. They grant you "notoriety", which is basically reputation, with a certain faction. Achieving higher levels of notoriety will grant you access to more goodies from the faction.

Carnage Quests: These are a variant of side quests, with a twist.

Person 1 kills Enemy 1 in Area 1. Person 2 kills Enemy 2 in Area 1. Person 3 kills enemy 3 in Area 1. All 3 enemies were of the same allegiance. Person 1, 2 and 3 will receive a quest which will reward them with exp when they kill more of the enemies they killed before. (Planarite in B&RPverse, may or may not put these in Archaiverse.) These quests only require you to kill a certain number of enemies; nothing else. They may also require you to kill named enemies even though all enemies are named already in the same area.

Arena Quests: Arena quests are quests which take you to the arena to battle others. Winning fights will grant you little amounts of Favor, which can be used for purchasing equipment designed for arenas. Other arenas may reward you with more items.

Tiered difficulties will come soon.