The known races of the B&RP [and to an extent, Ventureverse and the other universes as well]

List of Races Edit

Human (Bonus: ???)

Halfling (Bonus: ???)

Ghost (Bonus: Immune to Physical Melee and Physical Ranged attacks from other races EXCEPT ghosts. Innate weakness to Light maybe?)

Undead (Bonus: Innate weakness to Light and Innate Resistance to Darkness.)

Brock (Block Person) (Bonus: +4 DEF. Unknown for other bonuses)

Lizardman (Bonus: ???)

Sobek (A water lizardman - L'Borean.) (Bonus: ???)

Dragonian (A fire lizardman - Infernak) (Bonus: ???)

Wood Elf (Bonus: +3 SPD, Innate resistance to Earth and Nature)

Snow Elf (Bonus: +3 HP, Innate resistance to Ice)

Drow (Bonus: +3 ???, Innate resistance to Darkness)

Dwarf (Bonus: +4 STR)

Burning Dwarf (Bonus: +2 STR, 2 Fire DMG Negated)

Draconian (Bonus: Element, Breath attacks and such depends on the color of the draconian)

Demon (Regular, Fire, Ice, Thunder, Wind, Water, Shadow) (Bonus: All have Flight. Fire Demons are immune to Burn, all the other demons are TBA)

Venuzian (Bonus: ???)

Advisor (Bonus: ???)

Goblin (Bonus: ???)

Orc (Bonus: ???)

Monoclops (Bonus: +2 STR & DEF. -2 SPD. 5% Less Accuracy on all attacks. Access to "Cyclops" and "Deathclops" classes.)

Duoclops (Bonus: +2 STR, +1 DEF. +1 SPD. Access to "Cyclops" and "Deathclops" classes.)

Elemental (Bonus: ??? [Varies between the elementals. Probably N/A])

Mammothman (Bonus: Halves the chance of being frozen.)

Dogfolk (Bonus: +2 SKL, Always avoids/disarms traps, Can identify hidden enemies, Can identify enemies near them in Fog of War maps.)

Catfolk (Bonus: ???)

List of Half-Races (Always assumed to be with Humans) Edit

Half-Elf (Bonus: ???)

Half-Orc (Bonus: ???)

Half-Goblin (Bonus: ???)

Half-Dwarf (Bonus: ???)

Half-Lizardman (Bonus: ???)

Half-Draconian (Bonus: ???)

Half-Demon (Bonus: ???)

Half-Elemental (Bonus: ???)

Half-Mammothman (Bonus: ???)

Half-Dogfolk (Bonus: ???)

Half-Catfolk (Bonus: ???)