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Red (Unknown if that was his real name or just some code name) was a young man who participated in a "game" where he and many others were forced to fight to the death.

He died by wolf mutts while fighting another [forced] participant named Dandelion in an arena.

B&RPverse Edit

After Red's death, he was reincarnated in the B&RPverse where he was born into a family of two--consisting of his mother and his father.

Red was raised in a town/city somewhere in the B&RPverse. He went to school and picked up a few skills as well as learning a few subjects as he kept on learning.

His mother would also take him out to a forest where he learned how to hunt as well as learning about archery.

One day, Red found a dying wolf pup while he was on one of his trips to the forest with his mother. Bringing it back to his home, he and his parents helped nurse the wolf pup back to health. As a result, the wolf pup became friends with Red [and soon to become his loyal companion].

After Red is done with high school, he moved to a wooden cottage located in a forest as he enjoys the peace and quietness there. He promised to visit his parents often.

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Trivia Edit

- Sometimes, Red gets flashbacks to certain events that he does not remember being in or things that he does not remember doing. These flashbacks are actually memories of his past life.

- Red's favorite food is steak.