Members of nobility or royalty who use "fancy" weapons such as rapiers, estocs, and foils as their preferred choice. They master the style of fighting with such weapons.

Renegades also carry guns like pistols and flintlocks with them as backup weapons in case they need to deal with ranged enemies.

Renegades bolster excellent SPD and SKL as well as having good STR. However, their DEF needs work and they have bad M-DEF.

Renegades also cannot wield other types of guns and swords that aren't rapiers/estocs/foils as these weapons might not work with their fighting style.

Usable Weapons: Swords (Capped at B Rank for non-rapiers/estocs/foils) and Guns (Pistols/Flintlocks only)

Movement: 6

Base Stats Edit

HP: 23 (Stat Growth: 40%)

STR: 7 (Stat Growth: 65%)

DEF: 7 (Stat Growth: 40%)

MAG: 1 (Stat Growth: 10%)

M-DEF: 4 (Stat Growth: 25%)

SPD: 9 (Stat Growth: 75%)

SKL: 8 (Stat Growth: 80%)

LCK: 0 (Stat Growth: 35%)

CON: 9

Stat Spread: 35

Max Stats Edit


Class Skills Edit


LVL 5 - ???

LVL 10 - ???


LVL 1 - Charm (Rank 3) (Hit % + 25 and Avoid + 20 for nearby allies. Hit % - 25 and Avoid - 20 for nearby enemies. Roll to see if enemies nearby are affected [Above 50 is no effect]