Warriors hailing from the eastern continent of Nakawara. Samurai are a bit more bulky and faster than swordsmen but they do not hit very hard.

The Samurai follow a code of honor called the Bushido, also known as The Way of The Warrior, where they follow the eight virtues: Righteousness, Courage, Benevolence, Respect, Honesty, Honor, Duty/Loyalty and finally, Self-Control.

However. there have been Samurai that did not follow the Bushido. Those were the ones that went rogue and attacked passerbys as well as being hungry for power.

Usable Weapons: Swords & Spears

Armor Types: Light and Medium

Movement: 5

Can promote to Edit



Base Stats Edit

HP: 17 (Stat Growth: 55%)

STR: 5 (Stat Growth: 40%)

DEF: 6 (Stat Growth: 60%)

MAG: 1 (Stat Growth: 15%)

M-DEF: 2 (Stat Growth: 15%)

SPD: 7 (Stat Growth: 75%)

SKL: 6 (Stat Growth: 60%)

LCK: 0 (Stat Growth: 30%)

CON: 7

Sword: D

Spear: D

Stat Spread: 27

Max Stats Edit

HP: 45

(All stats capped at 30)

CON: 20

Sword: A

Spear: B

Class Skills Edit

[Learning Skills]

LVL 5 - First Strike (Rank 1) (Always attacks first when HP < 50%)

LVL 10 - Iaido (The user is always aware of their surroundings, allowing them to detect stealthy foes regardless of their Obscurity. They will also be able to counter if a stealthy enemy attacks them, ruining any chances of an ambush.)

[Upgrading Skills]

LVL 7 - First Strike (Rank 2) (Always attacks first when HP < 60%)