this needed to be made

not adding to it, you can.

I2 x YV Edit

this ship is so well known it has an entire heading

Roselia x Dominic x Mineko x U1 Randy Edit

Is this a love square? Does this really count as a love square?

Roselia and Mineko would both have feelings for Dominic. Yet Dominic is oblivious to romantic feelings but may feel a slight attraction for Mineko. U1 Randy has feelings for Mineko.

So it'd go like:

Roselia & Mineko -> Crush -> Dominic

Dominic -> Slight Crush, maybe? -> - Mineko

U1 Randy -> Crush -> Mineko

Ayden x Lukas Edit


Tyrannor x Tyrina Edit


Frank x Mineko Edit

just kidding this ship dosent exist, frank sucks

Rena x Aaron Edit

Again, another yes.

Kaitie x Alyssa Edit