The Tamable List is a list of tamable monsters from the Archaiverse & B&RPverse.

It also grants information on the different tiers of tamables, and how to tame them.

Note: The Info on Tiers section may also be used as a reference to untamable monsters.

Taming 101 and the Tamable Bestiary Edit

Taming a tamable monster can vary in difficulty, depending on the monster's tier.

In this heading, we will go over the basics of Taming - what you can do to improve your chances while attempting to tame.

It feels like a dance battle Edit

There are four moves, each of them used to counter what the monster does to prevent you from taming it. This section only goes for Rare tiers and above.

Coerce: You force the monster to submit to you. Used when the monster is in a normal state.

Commune: Pat the monster gently, attempting to calm it down. Used when the monster is furious.

Calm: Pat the monster gently once more, attempting to calm it down. Used when the monster starts to get angry.

Dominate: Force the monster to submit. Used when the monster is at 90% Success.

Thats pretty much it for the basics. There is more in other levels, but that will be for another day.

Tamable Bestiary Edit

The Tamable Bestiary is a magic book which stores information on tamable creatures you encounter. Not much to say about it, other than it magically updating with new information as you progress on "researching" tamable creatures.

It also contains the info for each tier as you discover monsters of tamables' tiers, and sub-tiers. More will be revealed as you progress and encounter creatures of the higher tiers. Common and Rare are unlocked from the start.

Info on Tiers Edit

Common Tier: Your typical monster. Easily tamed with no pre-requisites.

Rare Tier: Stronger than common, and weaker than elite. A little tougher to tame, but again, no pre-requisites need to be met, other than lowering their health a little.

Elite Tier: Essentially a Tier 2 Rare, now almost always requiring items and weakening it a little more to tame. This is where things start to get serious. Some elites are at the edge (start) of heroic monsters, such as the Red and Orange Bulky Dragon from the Lair of Maulhead in the Wastelands.

Heroic Tier: A Heroic tamable monster is a monster with stats similar to a boss. Almost always requiring conditions to be met, such as getting an item, or lowering its health to critical levels, or other conditions. These will fight against you (not that the others below it dont), resisting your taming attempts. Just like elite tiers, some Heroic tamables could be at the start of the heroic tier (a weak heroic), or at the edge of being considered a Mythical tier tamable.

Mythical Tier: The highest tier of tamables. Always requiring an item to tame, and packing a T-tier punch, these monsters will not give up seconds after being ridden to adventurers who seek to tame these beasts. They require their health to be lowered to critical levels, and their items/pre-requisite tasks are very hard to get/complete. They also require a group of well-equipped adventurers to be weakened. There are very few mythical tier tamables in the two universes, due to some being overwhelmed by armies, killed by Ferocities, or sealed away.


Sub-tiers Edit

Sub-tiers are, as the name says, tiers for the tiers. These go for all the tiers, and are used for determining the strength & taming difficulty of a monster.

Tier 1 - Weak: As it says, a weak monster. Slightly easier to obtain the item, fight, get to, and tame.

Tier 2 - Average: Your average (insert tier here) tamable monster. No changes.

Tier 3 - Strong: Slightly harder to meet the required conditions, fight, get to, and tame. A Legendary Tier 3 is said to survive an encounter with a Ferocity.

List of Archaiverse Tamables Edit

Wastelands & Lair of Maulhead Edit

Common Tamables Edit

Blastscale Drake, Charcoal Dustrunner Raptor, Spined Bloodthirsty Paradrake, Cobaltfang Drake.

Rare Tamables Edit

Crystalfang Drake

Elite Tamables Edit

Magma Hound, Red and Orange Bulky Dragon

Primeval Jungle Edit

Heroic Tamables Edit

Gilded Amphizalcoatl, <Green Burrowdrake> Dredrum, the Chameleon.

Terros' Canyon Edit

Heroic Tamables Edit

<Moving Mountain> Arid Blast

B&RPverse Tamables Edit

Accursed Tower Edit

Heroic Tamable Edit

<Tortured Darkfury> Shadow Shredder

Volcanic Grotto (Behemoth's Den) Edit

Elite Tamable Edit

Lava, the Volcano Commoner

Heroic Tamable Edit

Igneous Batholith, the Fury of Eruption.

Lovetide Hideout (Indigo Cavern) Edit

Elite Tamable Edit

<Peak Jumper> Blue Mist

Heroic Tamable Edit

<Crystorra Swampdragon> Almosapo