Sons of Cera Cymmetry and Lajila.

The current generation of the Cymm include (censored) and Sarah.

Sarah is the leader of the Guardians' (Good) side in the Dimensional War, learning and controlling the water element. Despite being the leader, she still is quite young - 14 years old. Her selection of weapons are the scythe, the staff, and the talisman. Her magic can both damage the enemy and aid her allies. An example of that is Furious Wave; which deals water damage to multiple enemies, and increases her closest allies' damage. She can also immobilize the enemy while damaging them with Tentastrict. Not to mention her Water Cage, Soothing Tide, and the ability every leader of a third in the Dimensional War has: the ability to summon denizens from your respective element/dimension.

Sarah's dimension is L'Borean, a water-themed dimension with an endless ocean. Enemies will be at the surface, while allies will gain infinite air for breathing underwater, where everything is located at.