Sons of (to be named) Maga.

The Maga, also known as The Calamitous, or Calamities, are a family thirsty for destruction- or, atleast, the previous generations. The current one...not so much.

The current generation is composed of Alyss Maga and (TBA) Maga.

It is unknown if previous generations are still alive, out in the world. (I'd like there to be.) They are not focused in an specific element. Alyss chose the Electric element, and currently roams the world, alongside Lukas.

And her brother lives in a floating archipelago "kingdom" named Castleen.

Her brother would like to study and discover everything about the elements, while also exploring all the tamable creatures out there. Today, he is a Mount Master - Teacher in Training - in Castleen, and also roams the closest areas, watched by his kingdom.