This "creepypasta" was made in the #null-space channel on the BRP discord, but quickly just became a ridiculous meaningless story. Here we go.

(CONTENT WARNING: Don't read all of it unless you can tolerate swear words, slight racism and other stuff that might make you go "ZOMG THIS BAD STORE!!!!!)

The StoryEdit

One dick was named Mar, and fucked the server up. So Shitface had anti-fun and JonTron's gun. Then Blood-Eyed Todd Howard had appeared, and fucked NostalgiaCritic until Mar exploded and masturbated until pineapples took over dicks. And Mar went to Obama, and cried for his country because Obama was black face yet had a white gun. So fucking Austria Dicks made funny noise hyperrealistically because Mar smelled blood-eyes because he was Sonic.exe impregnated with Ostrich Dicks, and was very. NostalgiaCritic wanted Mar's small ears because blood money imploded on his penis gun case from Undertale featuring Monokuma Minecraft Parody Diaper Video. Then the funny Kaitlyn killed Shrek and had Mar's Peck. Minorities are killing JonTron's Racist Fucking Suitcase. The Racism had too. The Bowser Gayness effected the Dab Dance of 1987. NostalgiaCritic climaxed Mar's small finger machinegun, so Waluigi fucked Wario. It was funny, until Mar came. The walrus cried. The end.