Sons of (to be named) Painrus.

They are not the best at anything, because their village was a common looting place for monsters.

One day, their village was attacked by undead, and then, demons - this was the day that Sarah Cymm's brother went exploring and found the Painrus' village.

Sarah's Brother could only save two - he did not save Itamirias, and now the ones he saved are after him.

Itamirias was left to fend for herself with her fire powers against the undead, but then, the demons came..

When the demons found Itamirias in one of the ruined houses, they detected that her magic was keeping her alive, though she was visibly dead.

The demons grabbed her, and brought her to Hell.

Today, Itamirias is a captain of Hellrise, a clan from Infernak (Hell).

Deep in the 3's hearts, they consider Sarah's Brother THEIR brother aswell, though that is hidden due to their dark past, spoken of above.

Known Painrus Edit

Painite Painrus, the Ice Fighter (M)

Itamirias Painrus, the Abandoned (now Hellrise Captain). (F)

??? - To be revealed (M)