Sons of the forests that have survived after a generation ends.

The forest speaks...

They live in one forest until they are 10, which is when they start exploring the other locations. The current generation's members are Xylia Phyliss and Virido Phyliss. Xylia is a 17 year old girl, who now protects her followers, the denizens of Gardencia, with her magic.

The other, Virido, is the younger, at 14 years old. He loves skimming through logs at tall trees, and prefers jungles over forests. He was taken care of since birth by jungle animals, such as gorillas. The gorillas teached him how to travel through jungles. Even to this day, he is trying to be perfect in traveling through jungles: jumping from vine to vine, from tree to tree, climbing trees, and hanging onto logs at the tree tops.

Xylia, today, commands a third of the Guardians' (Good) side of the Dimensional War. She has changed homes from a forest in the Overworld to the endless greenland dimension which is Gardencia. Gardencia has many lakes, and an eternal sun, which is perfect for the denizens living there. The denizens are fruits, vegetables, and other plants. Her magic is focused on weakening the enemies; debuffing them. She is also able to heal her allies with Aromatherapy, which is giant flowers releasing a relaxing aroma around a rather good-sized area. Not to mention that she has the ability to call for help from one of Gardencia's many denizens.

Virido, on the other hand, is an archer. He is slightly different than his sister: focusing on immobilizing the enemies and protecting his allies with special arrows.