Sons of Bogyo-teki & Kashikoi Sunaarashi, The Sandstorm are a family specialized in the Earth element and physical defense. They are adepts at using cestuses from birth; and they may choose to be pure fighters like Terakeus, or use another weapon.

Birth of Terakeus and Pedralumit Edit

Terakeus & Pedralumit were being transported as glowing sandstones through a sandstorm by an adventurer. They talked with eachother through telepathy; asking the gods to send help. The Desert Ferocity, Zakadan, answered their call, and ended the sandstorm. Zakadan made the glowing sandstones come to life and jump out of the cart. One of them was a wise girl named Pedralumit. Zakadan believed the other could break mountains in the future with his punches, as he felt a brief shake when he jumped out of the cart, and a whisper in his mind: Terakeus. After making the sandstones come to life, Zakadan gave them earth energy according to what he saw inside their future.

The Sandstorm in The Present Edit

Pedralumit is the organizer and brains of the Precious Jaws, other than a certain lieutenant of their respective leader. She is a mage, but is also able to attack at close distances with her cestus. Her physical and magical defenses are relatively balanced, just like her magic and strength.

Terakeus, on the other hand, is the brawn of the Precious Jaws. Having little to no defense against magic, and unexistant magical damage, he relies on his ability to transform into a Rock Elemental to negate attacks that may damage him severely.

Otherwise, he has a great physical capabilities. When he falls from a high altitude, he causes a brief earthquake. Hitting him with melee attacks does nothing, other than breaking your hand/weapon/whatever you are using which deals physical damage. Magic or Damage over Time effects are your best option here.

A common thing these siblings have in common is the way they train to gain their physical capability. Causing landslides, punching mountains, breaking rocks, cracking stone, causing earthquakes, and whatever is related to those things. This has earned them a bad reputation and more enemies around the places they have done that. But they do not care; they just want their gold, and while training, they sometimes cause landslides, which destroy villages, allowing them to take the gold, or resources from said village, to then sell at a nearby shop. Did I mention shop? I meant to say that they destroy villages while training after stealing the gold out of them.

Known Sandstorm Edit

Currently, two Sandstorms have been revealed. It is unknown if there are more out there in the world.

Terakeus, the Earth Shaker

Pedralumit, the Swift Boulder