One of the known universes. The other four being the B&RPverse, the Homsariverse, the Randyverse and 0.

There is currently one out of ??? known galaxies in this universe.

PQ-863 Edit

There are a few known worlds [well, planets I suppose] that exist in this galaxy. They are:

Infernal Realm (It's not really a "realm" but it's called that anyways. It's a planet that is very red. Magma, lava and fire everywhere. Fire Demons, Fire Elementals and basically most living beings that is of the Fire element are living there. Somehow, it is safe for adventurers to walk and breathe in the air since not all of the ground is very hot. The "lower" section of the Infernal Realm which can be explored by going deeper below ground will house many dangerous horrors.)

Realm of Darkness (Again. It's not a "realm". It's a pitch-black planet. It's always dark in this realm. It is said that people who come to this realm will never come back alive so this remains unexplored for a while. Living beings that is of the Dark element could like this place.)

A large cluster of floating islands(not exactly a planet) located between the Realm of Darkness and Winternova. The Town in the Sky is one of these islands. (They can all be considered as part of a planet due to the breathable air and such)

Sprawling Sea (A planet covered almost entirely with water, with a couple islands scattered around. Most of the adventurers that travel here become Pirates or Mages.)

Dominic's Homeplanet

Winternova (As the name implies, a cold planet. Some say that the snow here cannot be burned by fire.)

PQ-7243 Edit

There are a few planets located in this galaxy. However, they have not been discovered yet.

The Solanitus Galaxy Edit

Named after a famous adventurer of his time named Solanitus. There are planets in this galaxy however they too have not been discovered yet.

Scientists have now finished working on the spaceship. A crew led by Mr. Catraz has been assigned to head out to the galaxy--which they successfully do. They have now set up the first portal leading to one of the planets in this galaxy which is now named Parralelia.