Usable Weapons: Swords (Shortswords) and Hidden Weapons (Daggers)

Armor Types: Light

Movement: 6

Can promote to Edit




Vulture Rider (Flying)


Duelist (Can now use guns) (Metriarian and Estraitian thieves)

Base Stats Edit

HP: 14 (Stat Growth: 45%)

STR: 4 (Stat Growth: 40%)

DEF: 2 (Stat Growth: 25%)

MAG: 1 (Stat Growth: 15%)

M-DEF: 1 (Stat Growth: 15%)

SPD: 8 (Stat Growth: 80%)

SKL: 7 (Stat Growth: 75%)

LCK: 1 (Stat Growth: 75%)

CON: 6

Sword: E (Shortswords)

Hidden Weapon: D (Daggers)

Stat Spread: 24

Max Stats Edit

HP: 40

STR: 20

DEF: 18

MAG: 15

M-DEF: 16

SPD: 30

SKL: 30

LCK: 35

CON: 20

Sword: B (Shortswords)

Hidden Weapon: A (Daggers)

Stat Spread: 164

Innate Skill Edit

Steal (The user is able to steal an item from the target's inventory. It cannot be a weapon currently equipped by the enemy however)

Class Skills Edit

[Learning Skills]

LVL 5 - Pick Locks (The user is able to open doors/chests without needing to use keys)

LVL 10 - Movement +1 (Increases the user's Movement by 1)

[Upgrading Skills]

LVL 12 - Movement +2 (Increases the user's Movement by 2)