U1 Randy is a male 18-year-old necromancer from U1 of The B&RPverse. Back in U1, he worked as a regular fry cook for a fast food restaurant but soon, things happened and now he's no longer in U1 but in a different world. Over time, he started to develop an interest in necromancy and became a necromancer.

He eventually became friends with Dominic Rousseau and became the first member of his rather small group. Soon, the duo met the von Phantom family and befriended them. After getting to know them better, Mineko and Roselia joined Dominic's group. As time passed, U1 Randy developed feelings for Mineko but she doesn't seem to be aware of it.

People tend to call him edgy because to them, he looks rather edgy wearing black robes and wielding a scythe. Due to this, he tends to get annoyed and would try to tell them that he's not edgy.

So far, U1 Randy's past is unknown

U1 Randy has black hair..

[Personality/Personality traits coming soon]

U1 Randy's current class is Necromancer.