Name Description Offensive/Defensive Stats Other Stats Effects (Abilities, skills..) Method of Obtaining Recipe
Emberwood Axe Chopping wood with wood on fire. 2 DMG + STR, 1 Fire DMG Acc: 95%

Crit: 0%

Range: 1

Uses: 12

+4 Fire DMG to enemies weak against fire. Craft it, or buy it from the Emberlogging Camp in Moltenian Island x4 Emberwood
Stinging Stiletto A green dagger with purple spikes on the tip of the blade, and on each side of the hilt. The rest is green. 5 DMG + STR

1 Grass DMG

10% Chance to inflict Poison for 1 turn.

Acc: 90%

Crit: 2.5% each

Range: 1

Uses: 25

10% Chance to inflict Poison for 1 turn. 20% with two equipped. Craft it. 3 Green Scales, 1 Purptooth, 2 Poisonous Barb.