This page covers three of the continents in Antiga.

Wesleron is the main focus of Antiga: Elegy of the Dark, with Drakenia taking part in it as well. The Southern Continent is mentioned probably.

An area 51-like area exists somewhere, strangely unaffected by the magical barrier.

Wesleron Edit

This continent is the main focus of the roleplays as of October 19th, and is the largest known continent so far. There's actually way more to it then is shown on this map, Tom's just too lazy to draw it.

Archaiverse but drakenia is fixed

Metriaria Edit

Needs work.

So far, there is only one known bandit group that operates in Metriaria. They're called "The Red Wolves".

One of their well-known members, Xylos, was slain by Kentaro & his friends.

Estrait Edit

Needs work. Estrait does make good food, however.

Grandava Edit

A former country that used to be located between Metriaria and Estrait. More info to come soon.

Wastelands Edit

Think of a warm place with the heat source being a volcano. The terrain consists of dark brown grass and dark red stone.

You guessed it - its the Wastelands.

The Wastelands is a warm desert located in the north-central part of the Unnamed Continent, a home for fire element monsters, with inhospitable conditions for humans or other humanoids other than Burning Dwarves.

There are few monsters not of the fire element, but those are in a cavern called the Lair of Maulhead.

Places of interest: Lair of Maulhead, Volcano Surroundings.

Sterdom Edit

A large area of rolling plains. Many clans from the east migrated to Wesleron and settled there.

There is a Metriarian fortress placed at the borders between Sterdom and Metriaria.

Sterdom and the Wastelands are often avoided by travellers because of how dangerous the area is.

Republic of Stamford Edit

A calm, peaceful land filled with beautiful forests and large cities, including one of the most populous in the Archaiverse, Berrin. As one of the most influential areas in the Archaiverse, it is often brought into wars in distant lands.

Despite having a king, he is not the one with the most power. The ones that are truly in power is a council of people. Although, the king can still have a say in things.

United Brock Empire Edit

As the name says, it is the Brock Empire. The empire is split into 2 main regions, Branders and Brickonia. Branders in the north is home to the Broques, gold-loving merchants with a love for anything shiny, while Brickonia in the south is home to the Brickles, who really like to expand their land as much as possible. I mean, when your empire only has a few natural resources, why wouldn't you expand? This love for war has earned them many enemies, including Metriaria and the Northern Alliance.

Goofballia & Tennisia Edit

Goofballia and Tennisia are 2 neighboring islands often allied together. They are home to the Goofballs and the Tennesseeballs, very similar races. Goofballia is flatter and more populous, while Tennisia is more mountainous.

Hollard Edit

A small, isolated country in the Southwest Archaiverse that is subject to occasional flooding and tsunamis. The ocean off the coast of Hollard is rumored to be the home of the ancient Water Elementals, creatures harnessing the essence of the sea.

Sibrenia Edit

Essentially the opposite of the Wastelands. A cold, desolate tundra with few cities yet plentiful resources. Because of how cold the north is, the south is where most of the resources are. It's also one of few places where ice hounds have been spotted.

Feyard Edit

If you wanna live somewhere that's cold all the time, head to Feyard (or Sibrenia). It snows 9 months of the year and hails the other 3. Because of how cold it is, it's the least populated of the Northern Alliance members and the 3rd least populated kingdom in the Archaiverse. You can also find native snow elves in the north that have managed to tame ice hounds.

You'll rarely find any humans or other non-snow elves there.

Stedden Edit

In contrast to it's neighbors and fellow Northern Alliance Members, Feyard and Andiscav, Stedden is much warmer. it's mostly sandy even. Despite it's abnormal temperature, it still occasionally snows in the north. Explorers have determined that the reason for Stedden's warmth is due to it being the home to the Fire Shrine.

The kingdom was founded by a powerful mercenary long ago. A monarchy was established, and mercenaries from all over came to Stedden either to find work or to hang out and talk with other mercenaries. Dark mages and dancers hang around there as well.

Every four years, there is a tournament where people fight to be the next king or queen of Stedden. They must have some political knowledge as well since they'll have lots of responsibilities as the king/queen. The current king/queen of Stedden is the final opponent challengers will face if they win every other match.

There is an area in Stedden where Wyrms live freely and breed with each other.

Andiscav Edit

The founder of the Northern Alliance and main member, Andiscav is split in half by the Frozen River. On the north side of the river is sparcely populated tundra and snowfields, where ice hounds often hunt. On the south side is a calmer, warmer area where the capital can be found. The southern side can also be considered the "Wild West" of Wesleron, not all of it is sand and dust.

Two bandit groups operate in Andiscav. "Hell Riders" in the southern side and "The Amethyst Tigers" in the north.

Currently, there is conflict currently going on between "The Amethyst Tigers" and a gang that consists of good-natured thieves called "The Raspberry Gang"

Land of the Waning Moon Edit

Just like Sterdom. Many people who hail from the east moved to Wesleron at one point and settled there.

They live alongside the first nations-like people, usually in peace.

Marleybone Edit

Inhabited by the Dogs, Marleybone is one of the greatest empires in Antiga. They're said to have colonies in almost all corners of the world, however none of them are ever seen. This great power has made the Marleybonians quite a few enemies, such as Kane and Romany.

Kane Edit

On the north side of the Isle of Dogs lies Kane, a rather small country that has constantly tried, and failed, to gain colonies in other lands. Despite their lack of influence, they are still considered a somewhat major power in Wesleron.

The Inbetween Islands Edit

Sholace Edit


Aussibren Edit

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Some other continent Edit

Romany Edit


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Hongrie Edit

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Drakenia Edit

Another archipecontinent (Archipelago, Continent)/region in the Archaiverse, it is """'s homeland, and as the name suggests, it has many dragons living in its locations.

Upperjaw Drakenia Edit

Terros Canyon Edit

A mountainous area (a canyon) with high drops with no visible way to get back up. This area is ruled by a tough dragon with scales which are hard as rocks. The dragon stomps and walks around, making landslides and vibrations on the ground. Another dragon rules the other half of the canyon: Goran, the Terra Draco. Both territorial, they will not have mercy on those who enter their "thrones".

Peak of the Mistclaw Edit

This peak, as its name suggests, is home to the "Mist Dragon", Mistclaw. No info has been collected, since many who try to find the creature are killed by getting dropped off the peak, or by the dragon itself. Some, however, believe the mist is a mass of magic energy, and there is no dragon.

Eye of Drakenia Edit

The Eye of Drakenia is not a place for beginners, even though the monsters there are not too threatening.

The reason why is the Dracosight Pillar - an unexplored place, said to be any adventurer's final destination.

Necrotic Badlands/Necronia Edit

Necrotic Badlands/Necronia is a copy of the Wastelands, but slightly mountainous around the center - due to that being the location of the Necron Palace - the place where Drakenia's undead are created. The terrain includes black stone, geysers which, when erupting, spit out green flames, and necrowater - green, burning, toxic water. Necrowater Rivers are the pools for the undead to swim in after a successful day of raiding other nearby lands and killing adventurers.

Necron Palace

The Palace of Necron is where all undead which roam the badlands and assault surrounding places are created. It is home to the king of the badlands: Necron, the Pestilent One.

Noxmire Swampland Edit

A murky swamp, home to dangerous, toxic monsters such as Noxious Wyverns.

The air is toxic due to a monster living in the depths of the swamp.

Peaks of Calcite Edit

The Peaks of Calcite, also not so frequently called the Top-Horn of Drakenia, is located above the Eye of Drakenia. It is a mountainous area with peaks which barely hit the clouds, and home to an ironhide dragon, Calcite Cliff. Calcite Cliff is the ruler of this area. The terrain is white, sometimes rough, sometimes smooth, but still - its rock, its always rough. Jagged terrain is common on the walls.

Back-horn of Drakenia Edit

Mistfreeze Division Edit

The Mistfreeze Division is a mountainous area dividing the Frigid Plains in two.

At ground level, you can find the entrance to the Temple of the Frost Monarch. The Temple seems to be the source of the cold in the Back-horn of Drakenia.

Frigid Plains Edit

The Frigid Plains' terrain consists of snow, cold grass, and ice by the coasts. Its temperature is warmer than Sibrenia, the same as the Wastelands but now, its cold. In the middle, a series of mountains divides the plains, called the Mistfreeze Division. At the top of those mountains, you can find monsters stronger than those found in the plains.

Mid-part of Drakenia Edit

Primeval Jungle Edit

The Primeval Jungle is a dense forest with countless trees, hiding spots, and nature located in the Center Part of Drakenia.

This jungle houses a variety of creatures, but not in power - in looks. Most creatures in this jungle are able to poison their foes.

Tongue of Drakenia - Goldengrasp Sands Edit

This desert is named due to its location in Drakenia, and what it has to offer adventure-wise.

Getting to the end - the tip of the tongue of the Archipecontinent of Drakenia - is a challenge, due to surprisingly common sandstorms near the end.

Heatbreath Islands - Magmonium Island Edit

                                          WORk IN PROGRESS

Lowerjaw of Drakenia Edit

Sandjaw Sea Edit

The Sandjaw Sea is a desert mostly located at the Lower Jaw of Drakenia, but it does go to the Tongue of Drakenia, and the start of the Upper Jaw.

 It is a desert where respect and disrespect fight eachother daily.

During the night, in this sandy sea, people shake in fear due to childhood stories of a monster which lurks around this area, in the dark. It is said that, once a person and the monster meet, the person will have nightmares with it for days. During the day, the sands are calm, and monsters are territorial - they will not kill on sight.

 -------------------- Sandsea Haven & Sandsea Bunker --------------------

The Sandsea Haven is a fortress-like town built and protected by adventurers who have survived the Clash of the Devourers. They are sided with the Respected creatures of this desert.

Other than the monsters, there are two bunkers with survivors from the past of the deserts of Drakenia, and adventurers. The main bunker, which is more like a small town, is Sandsea Haven; located in the lower jaw. The other is north from the haven, and is constantly assaulted by undead from Necronia, and monsters from the Primeval Jungle and the Swampland. At the latter bunker, it is a battle between 3 sides, for some reason.

Gemmunian Cave Edit

Also called Gemmed Grotto, Gemmunian is a cavern located in the lower-jaw part of the Drakenia Archipecontinent. In it, you will find many gems on the walls and ceiling. Deeper in the cave, there is a giant amethyst, alongside a diamond pillar.

Drakenia's Ocean Edit


Forbidden Talon Island Edit

A purple island shaped like a talon, guarded by strange, otherwordly beings.

Frigid Talon Island Edit

The Frigid Talon is a floating, giant iceberg shaped like a dragon's talon/claw.